Millennium Justice Consulting Firm & Associates (MJCFA) is a social public services firm that provides ethical services. We confront injustice with sensible social justice on your behalf in a professional, respectful interactive manner. While oppression and bullying is fast being rampant, MJCFA is here to maintain adequate review of the law to best protect your interest.

MJCFA has acquired an experienced, broad consulting team knowledgeable in clear understanding of the injustices faced with everyday people of today’s society. MJCFA bases its founding assets on simple social justice and strong compassion for human right consumer services in an entrepreneurial environment. We are a social public services firm with expert lawyers who specialize in all issues related to your concerns.

Based on the un-eased social injustice eruption, MJCFA provides you with the best consultation under the premise of exceptional, ethical and exemplified professional legal associates. We prioritize on your well-being, give you an opportunity to have a voice and seek justice enthusiastically on your behalf. We take the time to listen and review your concerns wherever you have been deemed woefully unjustified or treated with no dignity and respect. We bring the best customer service in consulting to your doorstep and sane justice to your well-being.